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America Strong Pet Odor Eliminator - Fresh Linen Scent

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America Strong Pet Odor Eliminator instantly destroys even the rankest smells left behind by our furry friends and replaces them with a pleasant long-lasting aroma that must be smelled to be believed! Great for kennels, pet carriers, cars, carpets, and furniture, & you can even spray it in the open air as an air freshener to make your entire space smell awesome! 

Fresh Linen: A blend of sheer jasmine interwoven with gleaming lily, fresh greens, and breezy ozones.

All Master Creations Fragrances Are

  • American Made

    All Master Creations fragrances are proudly made in Atlanta, GA USA using a combination of American & imported ingredients.

  • Environment & Canine Friendly

    All of our products are safe for use around dogs and are formulated to be safe for the environment.

  • IFRA Compliant

    All of our products meet or exceed International Fragrance Association requirements for consumer protection.

    Visit IFRA Website
  • CARB Compliant

    All of our products meet or exceed California Air Resources Board requirements for environmental protection.

    Visit CARB Website
Never Live With Wet Dog Smell Again!

Master Creations' Pet Odor Eliminators

Master Creations' Pet Odor Eliminators pack a serious punch, fueled by lab-proven technology that targets and neutralizes unpleasant odors left by our furry friends wherever they may be - from bathrooms, kitchens, pet carriers, homes, or vehicles.

Spray Master Creations' Pet Odor Eliminators:

  • In the open air to clear any room of foul pet odors!
  • On carpets and fabrics to remove dried-in smells from urine, wet dog, and other sources!
  • Around indoor pet potty areas to keep the stink at bay and your nose happy!

Grab a bottle or two today, and experience why pet owners everywhere are choosing Master Creations to keep their lives fresh and free from foul pet odors!

Scents fueled by science

Unique & Memorable Fragrances That Last

Most "Big Brand" air fresheners use mass produced water and alcohol based sprays that disappear in a matter of minutes. NOT US!

Master Creations' patented oil-based formula tackles the toughest odors instantly and leaves any space smelling great for days. As an added bonus, you can also use any of our air fresheners and odor eliminators inside your favorite scent diffuser!

Great for cars, homes, & offices! Grab a few bottles and experience the MCI difference today!